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What can I find now in the database WORC?

• An overview of research institutions in the world with their main identification and contact information
• Complete overview about selected research institution including its basic data, information about its research teams, its key scientific and research personalities, its laboratories or test centres and completed projects leaded or participated by institution
• Choice of research institutions or their research teams and key personalities focused on specific professional issues (selection according to specified parameters)
• List of laboratories or test centres with their basic parameters - technical facilities, performing tests, providing certifications etc. • List of worldwide projects solved by research institutions. Information about leaders and participants individual projects.
• Other outputs according to specified parameters.

What are the benefits of membership in WORC for research institution?

• Membership in this prestigious database is rating of relevance and quality of research institutions.
• Members of the database will be informed about new challenges to deal with research topics in the field of railway transport.
• Research institutions is becoming a potential participant in solving selected projects according to their relevant professional orientation.
• Membership in the database WORC is one of the marketing tools to offer their own capacities and services on the market of railway research and innovation and testing.
• Database is a good tool for finding a partner in a consortium to solve the project according to its professional focus.
• Internal communication among members within the database helps to cooperation in the field of railway research.

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